Code of Ethics

In the interest of achieving and maintaining the highest level of public trust and confidence in the rental housing industry of Northern Virginia and, in recognition and agreement with the premise that the enhancement of an industry’s reputation for responsible conduct of its affairs is dedication to the highest standards of integrity, honesty, competency and fairness in all facets of its business activities. Each member, by joining the Northern Virginia Apartment Association, accepts this premise without reservation and pledges commitment to these standards and to the following principles guiding the business activities of all members of the Association.

A member shall:

  • Maintain knowledge and awareness of matters affecting the rental housing industry and contribute responsibly to public discussion and debate about such matters.
  • Endeavor to facilitate the exchange of constructive ideas and factual information for the purpose of improving the operation of the rental housing industry.
  • Accept, without reservation, all Federal, State and local laws, ordinances, and regulations intended to eliminate prohibited discriminatory practices in the housing industry, and pledge a full commitment to the letter and spirit of US policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity in which there are no unlawful barriers to obtaining housing or as defined by appropriate laws, ordinance, or governmental regulation.
  • Observe both the letter and spirit of Federal, State and local law, ordinances, building codes, and rules and regulations designed for the promotion of community health and safety.
  • Foster practices that support the development and improvement of cooperative and supportive interrelationships between owners and managers of rental housing and their current and prospective
  • Support and promote those businesses and industries providing products and services to the rental housing industry who by their actions conduct their affairs in full compliance with the law and who demonstrate a commitment to integrity, competency and ethics in all their business dealings.
  • Never knowingly enter into any agreement — written or verbal the terms of which infringe or tend to infringe on the legal rights of others.
  • Not seek nor attempt to achieve an unfair advantage over another member of the Association, or an owner or manager or employee of an owner or manager, and shall conduct business so as to avoid controversies among members of the Association and other members of the rental housing industry.
  • Work with law enforcement agencies to reduce and eliminate unlawful activities taking place on premises controlled by members of the rental housing industry, especially those involving activities posing a threat of harm or violence against persons present on those premises including but not limited to the unlawful distribution or use of controlled substances.