Education Committee

Plans and presents monthly training sessions, roundtable discussions, designation programs and other educational programming to our members that is applicable to the multi-dwelling industry. Committee members also are responsible for investigating and recommending alternative formats for meetings, speakers and programs. Recognize and proactively respond to the educational needs of the industry. Implement multi-tiered educational training that addresses the needs of entry-level and senior-level staff. Improve operational skills in areas such as maintenance, marketing and cost control.

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Golf Classic Committee

The committee will meet in January to kick off the Golf Classic, which is held in June of each year. The committee will be responsible for the development, planning and execution of the Annual Golf Classic.  The committee will hold committee meetings between January through May as often as necessary.  The committee will be responsible for securing a venue, food, giveaways, sponsorship for the tournament.

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Legislative Committee

Proactively monitors city, county, state and national legislation that impact the rental housing industry; assists in reviewing agendas of the various municipalities’ meetings to determine if any issues impacting our industry are being discussed; attend town or city council meetings, county commissioner meetings, municipal committee meetings or public hearings when issues affecting our industry are involved. 

The committee will meet once a year (in the fall) with the NVAA Lobbyist to discuss and review topics of interest in the multi-dwelling industry. If the committee feels these topics need to be addressed at the General Assembly, the NVAA Lobbyist will prepare the necessary documents to be submitted to the General Assembly.

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Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for developing the graphics for promoting the NVAA brand and events that is used on the NVAA website, social media and news outlets.

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Membership Committee

Develops and implements NVAA’s membership recruitment effort, reviews applications and implements retention programs and appreciation/reward program. The Membership Committee will be divided into three sub-committees: Recruitment, Retention and Rewards (Appreciation).

  • Recruitment Sub-Committee - focuses on the recruitment of new members for the Association and increasing NVAA’s market penetration among non-member companies and properties. This committee is also responsible for planning, promoting and leading an annual membership growth campaign including selecting a theme, establishing goals, recruiting teams and individuals to compete in the campaign, and keeping them motivated toward reaching the campaign goals.
  • Retention Sub-Committee - focuses on new member orientation efforts, serving as "buddies" for new members at NVAA events, and providing contact management for new and existing members on an ongoing basis throughout the year in an effort to facilitate 100% membership retention.  This committee also actively follows up with non-renewing members to collect information on the basis for non-renewal and attempt to overcome those factors.
  • Rewards (Appreciation) Sub-Committee - focuses on ways to motivate volunteers and recognize the efforts of outstanding members and member-companies. This group will plan and implement ways to show appreciation for the work of those individual and corporate members who devote time, effort, and resources to making our Association successful.

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Special Events and Community Outreach Committee

Fosters networking forums for NVAA membership through the development, planning and execution of various Association networking events, such as a Holiday Party/Raffle, Networking Events and so on.  

The committee will hold events to generate revenue for the Community Outreach Projects. The revenue generated from these events will be spent on community outreach projects, such as “Adopt-a-Family for the Holidays” or make a donation to a local charity. The committee will hold a food drive once a year and the food received will be given to a local charity in Northern Virginia. The Committee’s mission is to capitalize on NVAA’s members’ management expertise to improve the quality of space where people live and/or work and to provide a means for members to serve their community.

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Young Professionals Committee

NVAA’s Young Professionals Network features the best and brightest next-generation leaders in the multifamily real estate field. Through innovative networking, educational and volunteer opportunities, the group’s objective is to enrich the professional growth and career development of its members. As a result of these experiences, YPN will promote the success and health of the apartment industry in Northern Virginia.

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The Young Professionals Network is made possible by: