NVAA History

The Arlington Apartment Owners Association (AAOA) was organized in 1956, when a small group of apartment owners - Tom Offutt, Sr., Fred "Bucky" Buchanan, Jerry reinsch - met to discuss common problems. From this meeting, came the decision that the industry’s best interests could be served more effectively in concert than depending upon individual effort. 

Emerson G. “Jerry” Reinsch, prominent local apartment builder-owner and later president of the National Apartment Owners Association (1962), was elected as the first president of the Arlington Association.

The purposes of the Association, at the outset, were simply stated as follows: “To unite for their mutual interest, owners of apartment houses in Arlington County, and to take an active lead in all matters of benefit to the apartment industry; to improve ethical and business standards in the practice of good management and so to assure public confidence in rental property ownership.”

he Arlington Apartment Owners Association incorporated on April 30, 1962. The purposes stated were:

  • to increase the efficiency of residential rental operation for the mutual benefit of owners, operators, and others by collecting, coordinating, and disseminating information to the General Membership.
  • to promote and foster friendly relations and cordial cooperating among those engaged in the apartment house and closely allied businesses. To advance knowledge and skill in operation and
    maintenance in the interest of improved management.
  • to cooperate with other organizations in matters involving common economic advancement, accident and fire prevention, community development and related civic affairs.
  • to create, develop and maintain a friendly understanding between legislative bodies and those engaged in the apartment house business.



NVAA protects and represents our members’ interest with regard to legislative and regulatory issues at the local and state level. Our owner members view our legislative representation as one of the most valuable NVAA member benefits. To that extent we dedicate a substantial portion of our annual budget and our committee efforts towards representation on the legislative level that furthers our member’s interest.


NVAA provides timely and valuable educational offerings for all levels of your organization, from facilities to executive. Your staff will be supported with the training and education required for companies to stay competitive in today’s multi-family marketplace. These educational offerings will develop and retain high-quality professionals and foster tomorrow’s apartment industry leaders.


Provide your company with the exposure within the multi-family industry that is paramount to attract and retain the most talented employees. Your company will also have routine contact with industry experts that will provide valuable insights on how to improve your company’s performance.

NVAA social events and holiday celebrations can augment or replace your company events. Strengthening your company’s organizational bonds is critical to business success, but can be very costly. The NVAA provides a variety of events where you can bring your company together in an extremely cost effective way and bolster your organization’s spirit.

In 2020, NVAA obtained a new logo and launched a new website, nvaa.org. 

The initial Officers of the incorporated Association were:
William P. Ames, Jr., President
Frank A. Appel, First Vice President
Walter C. Doe, Second Vice President
Charles Luria, Treasurer
Louise E. Breen, Secretary

The initial Directors of the incorporated Association were:
Marvin T. Broyhill, Jr.
William G. Brakefield
Claude Branner
Charles Brosius
Walter J. Hodges
Thomas J. Offutt
H.P. Paden

NVAA Past Presidents and Executive Directors