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Snapshot of rental assistance programs available in virginia

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virginia rent and mortgage relief program fliers

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The Virginia Rent and Mortgage Relief Program details

As of September 21, 2020 there is more than $40,000,000 still available for renters.

Virginia Housing is now administering relief for renters experiencing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic through the Virginia Rent and Mortgage Relief Program (RMRP). You can now apply through Virginia Housing on behalf of tenants to receive funds to pay delinquent rental payments dating as far back as April 1, 2020 and forward. The Landlord component of RMRP is open to the confirmed Owners of Virginia rental properties (including apartments, single-family residences and manufactured housing), with bona fide leases to qualifying tenants, and that agree to RMRP requirements. You are not required to have financing through Virginia Housing or DHCD to apply.


In order to receive financial assistance through the Virginia RMRP, tenants must meet the following requirements:

RMRP Have a valid lease agreement in their name.

RMRP The household’s total rent payment is at or below 150% Fair Market Rate.

RMRP The household’s total gross income is equal to or less than 80% Area Median Income for location.

RMRP The household has experienced a loss of income due to COVID-19, for example:

  • Being laid off.
  • Place of employment has closed.
  • Reduction in hours of work.
  • Loss of spousal/child support.
  • Inability to find work due to COVID-19.
  • Having to stay home with children due to closure of day care / school.
  • Unwilling or unable to participate in previous employment due to the workplace’s high risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

RMRP The household cannot receive rental assistance from any other source, including, but not limited to, federal (including Housing    Choice Voucher), state and local rental assistance programs, for the same period of time RMRP is requested.

RMRP Provide required documentation:

  • Proof of income (pay stubs, bank statements, letter from employer, social security documents, pension).
  • Valid lease or mortgage statement or other documentation of landlord-tenant relationship.

RMRP Applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 15, 2020.

How to Get Started:

RMRP RMRP Program Details for Landlords
RMRP Landlord Flyer and Tenant Flyer
RMRP RMRP Application and Agreements
RMRP 80% AMI Guide and 150% FMR Guide
RMRP Landlord User Guide to create a profile and enter tenant application data
RMRP Grant Management System (GMS)
RMRP ACH Authorization Form for Landlords
RMRP Multiple Property Template
RMRP Contact Us [email protected]

Funding for RMRP is made available through Virginia’s allocation of the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act and is administered through the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development. The funds will be available through Dec. 30, 2020 or until the money has been expended. Interested applicants will work directly with grantees throughout Virginia to complete applications and process payments. Virginia Housing is the grantee for landlord-initiated applicants.

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Evictions Across the Commonwealth

RVA Eviction Lab Staff

August 18, 2020

Summary of Key Findings

Across the Commonwealth of Virginia—with the exception of Roanoke, where COVID-19 infections have been relatively low—the overlap of eviction and COVID-19 demonstrates the connection between risk of eviction and risk of COVID-19. Patterns of evictions have remained consistent over time, with Black and Brown communities facing the most intense impacts of eviction – and now, COVID-19.

  • Nearly 55,000 evictions were filed from January to July of this year, and more than 19,000 eviction judgements were issued.
  • 16% of renters report they did not pay July rent and 28% have little or no confidence in making August rent.
  • An estimated 169,000 to 262,000 households are at risk of eviction, which includes 88,000 to 134,000 households with children, affecting a total population of 301,000 to 741,000 Virginians.
  • On average, tenants facing eviction during the pandemic owe more than $2,000 in back rent.
  • We estimate an existing rent shortfall of up to $211 million, with up to an additional $160 million in missed rent payments in the coming weeks.
  • Analysis for the City of Richmond shows that evictions are concentrated among owners who own 25 or more units, owning 61% of rental housing and seeking 70% of eviction judgements.
  • The average renter household rents from an owner of more than 25 units in Richmond.
  • The majority of eviction judgments in Richmond are pursued by owners of 22% of the rental housing.

For more detailed information, please refer to the report: Evictions Across the Commonwealth August 2020