An Open Letter to NOVA Apartment Tenants

Posted by [email protected] on 07/20/2020 6:43 pm  /   Press Releases


Dear Local Tenants,

My name is Patrick Algyer, and I am the Executive Director of the Northern Virginia Apartment Association (NVAA). For more than 60 years, we have promoted the health and success of the rental apartment industry, advocating for best practices by training and supporting landlords and multifamily housing vendors – we currently represent more than 50,000 units in the area (and look forward to connecting with your landlord if they are not already a member).

Since March of this year, NVAA has held many webinars educating our members on enhanced ways to maintain care for their properties, staff and you, the tenant, even with the challenges brought on by a pandemic. Our attendance at these webinars continues to grow, which shows the commitment and professionalism our members have towards providing quality housing and related services. We also participate in working groups and roundtable discussions with governmental and non-profit organizations to find solutions for those in crisis.

2020 has truly been a difficult experience for all of us, especially those significantly and negatively impacted by COVID-19. Our members recognize the hardships many of you have faced and are doing all they can to limit the possibility of evictions. As of today, we still do not know if the additional federal unemployment benefit funding will be replenished and we recognize that these or other assistance funds may be the only way you have been surviving through this tumultuous time. We want to help our members’ tenants stay in their homes and have outlined two actions you can take if you have already experienced or foresee a struggle to pay rent.

  1. Talk to your landlord. Be honest and forthright with your current financial situation and provide documentation such as proof of unemployment benefits and/or a letter from your employer. Many landlords are working with tenants, providing payment plans or may have options to move you to a more cost-effective unit, depending on availability.
  2. Visit the Virginia Rent and Mortgage Relief Program website at to check your eligibility for financial assistance. The website will direct you to the best assistance available to you. DHCD may provide up to 1 month of current rent and 3 months of past due rent. Once you apply for assistance, continually communicate the status back to your landlord.

On behalf of the members of NVAA, we wish each of you health and prosperity, and will continue to support all aspects of the rental apartment industry, from the bottom to the top.


Patrick Algyer
Executive Director
703 671 6777
[email protected]